Announcing Mr. and Mrs. Burdine

The Bernasconi clan has just lost one of its own. Wife and I would like to congratulate Marna and Robert Burdine on their nuptials. Miss B will now be known as Mrs. B. I know it will be hard for Mrs. B’s 4th graders to make the name change but I think they will be […]


A Mexican Wedding

Over the Halloween weekend, Wife and I flew to Phoenix to celebrate her 29th birthday (I know, every girls dream right!). On the Friday, we drove down to Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) to celebrate my cousin Mando’s wedding (finally) to Melissa. While lounging at the resort we enjoyed food, drinks, the beach, pools, water slides, […]

Out & About

Looking Wedding Good

The always beautiful Wife and I enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon during our friends Evan and Daniella’s wedding reception at the Darlington House in La Jolla. Man, I make that shirt look good. Thanks to Khalia for the photo.


Diana & Don-Lee’s Wedding

Just a short video of all the pictures I took of the days building up to and the day of the wedding. There are no actual pictures of the wedding because I was in it and I think it would of made the bride and groom angry if I moved around to take a few.

travel video

Mario’s Wedding

In November of 2008, my cousin Mario, and his fiance Pam, had their wedding. So my parents, sister Trista, wife, and I all headed out the the beautiful Phoenix, Arizona for some fun in the sun we never get here in San Diego. Early Friday morning, 4 of us (parents, Wife, and me) hopped into […]