Movie Night

At lease one day of the month, we host a movie night. Everyone would be invited and all we ask is you bring some food or drinks for everyone, you know like a potluck.

In order to make it fun we will have a poll each month to choose which movie everyone wants to see. Once the poll is closed I will post the details on this page. If you have any other great ideas please e-mail us.

June Movie Night – Cheesy Moon

Fourty years ago this month (July 20th, 1969 to be exact), humans stepped foot on the moon for the first time. Much to their dismay they discovered that the moon was and is not made of cheese. However, some filmmakers never knew or took the cheeseless moon to heart and decided to make some cheesy space movies. So for July’s Movie Night, we present to you Cheesy Moon. So please join us at the Talmadge Bernasconi’s house for some space and cheese.

Voting has now been moved to e-vite to prevent people from gaming the system *cough*Joe and Juli* cough* so please vote there. If you did not recieve an e-vite and would like to come please send me an e-mail.

Below are the descriptions of the cheesy films:

Plan 9 from Outer Space

After the embarrassing failure of the first eight plans, a group of evil aliens enacts plan nine — resurrecting the dead to take over the Earth. Bela Lugosi makes his final film appearance — along with Vampira, Tor Johnson, Criswell and a chiropractor acquaintance of director Ed Wood– in one of the most popular cult classics of the 20th century, a two-time winner of the Golden Turkey Award for Worst Film and Worst Director of all time.

Robinson Crusoe on Mars

When his spaceship crash-lands on Mars, astronaut Kit Draper (Paul Mantee) must figure out how to survive on the barren, lifeless planet with only a monkey to keep him company in this 1964 sci-fi take on Daniel Defoe’s classic novel. As Draper searches for food, water and oxygen, he eventually discovers that the dead planet may actually harbor life — but it’s not clear whether the Martians are friends or foes.

Silent Running

In a ruined future, huge orbiting spaceships preserve the last remaining trees from pollution and overcrowding on Earth. Botanist Freeman Lowell (Bruce Dern) receives an order to destroy the trees. He refuses, setting himself against his superiors and fellow crew members. Directed by special-effects titan Douglas Trumbull, Silent Running’s innovative effects and powerful themes ensured its cult status.

Forbidden Planet

A pulp-fiction sci-fi classic, Forbidden Planet stars Leslie Nielsen as a heroic starship captain who finds the paradise planet Altair-IV, which is inhabited by Dr. Morbius (Walter Pidgeon) and his daughter, the sole survivors of an earlier expedition. Morbius uncovered the secrets of the long-lost civilization that made Altair-IV a paradise — the same secrets that unknowingly destroyed the society!

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