Utah 2012 – The First Few Days

After a quick flight with some peanuts and drinks, Wife and I landed in the great state of Utah. With our Ford Fiesta and some groceries from a Super Target, we headed up the mountains toward our destination, Snowbird, for some hiking and relaxation.

During our first full day, we explored the small village to get a lay of the land, took a short and easy hike and watched a lot of soccer (hey, I am on vacation so I can do whatever I want). We took it easy knowing tomorrow would be a day full of hiking.

Don’t want to read…skip straight to the pictures.

The Way to Mount Baldy

Refreshed from our day of relaxation, Wife and I took the second tram up to Hidden Peak. Once at the top we set out toward our first destination, the Peak of Mount Baldy. Luckily, we knew we were “expert” hikers and could handle the “Expert Trail.” Thankfully neither one of us died, but we did enjoy spectacular views along the way and at the top. It was the way down to the Mineral Basin that proved tricky (Of course I will leave that part out to prevent any heart attacks by Mothers who will read this).

The Road Down and Up Mineral Basin

With sure footing, Wife and I traversed father down into the Mineral Basin Valley along the Sugarloaf Pass Trail. We did spot some tracks along the trail but sadly we did not see any wildlife (or humans for that matter). At the bottom, we relaxed and enjoyed our picnic lunch behind a shed protecting us from the wind. Wife and I spend a few minutes contemplating if it would be worth it to call in a helicopter rescue as we were exhausted and still had a minimum of three miles and 2000 feet in elevation to tackle to get back out of the basin. Stubborn and determined, we decided to go for it and hike up the Mineral Basin Trail.

With snow still covering parts of the trail, I think we were a few weeks early. However, Wife and I utilized our “expert” hiking skills and make our own trails up the mountain. There did come a point where the snow completely covered the trail so we took a shortcut on the Mineral Basin Connector Trail that provided a much flatter slope. Our legs and lungs rejoiced.

Close to the top, we took respite from the sun inside the Tunnel to Peruvian Gulch and enjoyed the fact that we were almost done.

Down the Mountain to Relaxation

We decided to take it easy and rode down the Peruvian Lift for views of the valley, a cushioned seat and some time to breathe.

Once at the bottom, we napped, cooled off in the pool, warmed up in the jacuzzi, cooked a dinner of spaghetti and turkey meatballs (handmade by Wife), took in the 10th floor view with martinis and draft beer at the Aerie Lounge, and finally retired for bed.

Up next…a venture down to Salt Lake City!


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