Utah 2012 – Religion and Beer

After growing tired of the country life (and to mostly give our legs a break), Wife and I headed into the urban jungle for a taste of Salt Lake City. After a stop off at the Visit Salt Lake Information Center (mostly to spy on the competition), we enjoyed an afternoon of religious history and the oldest painkiller of them all…beer!

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The Mormon Vatican

No trip is complete without a visit to Salt Lake City’s most popular tourist destination, Temple Square. We started off in the South Visitor Center and gained some insight into the building of the temple. Since only Mormons are allowed in the temple, they were kind enough to provide us with some video and pictures of the inside.

We decided to forgo the guided tour since we felt conversion to a new religion was not on our to-do list. A quick walk around the garden gave us the gist of the area – it has beautiful gardens, the temple is the center piece and conversions happen every day at 6 (the last one I made up).

After a bit more walking, our bellies ached for some food and drink and I knew just the place.

The Cause Of And Solution To

A short walk away from Temple Square is a land of commerce and sin including City Creek Mall and plenty of breweries. Knowing that we planned on hiking the next day, I decided to only hit up two breweries (plus, I think that is all Wife can stand).

We sat on the patio at Squatters Pub Brewery with a flight of their award-winning beers and some good pub food. After that, we headed over to Red Rock Brewing for another flight with what I consider a bacon flavored beer (they called it a smokey German lager).

A bit tired and sunned out, we hopped back in the car just in time to enjoy Salt Lake City traffic. Once back at home base, we enjoyed a home cooked dinner and some quiet time.

Up Next…Hiking Down the Peruvian Gulch.

But before you go, I must leave with the music stylings of the Piano Man:


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