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She Found a Beer She Likes

On Saturday, Wife and I rode down to the Lafayette Hotel to enjoy the Citybeat Festival of Beer. With our small cups we enjoyed the beautiful weather (the rain never came) and chatting with our friends.

Wife was a great sport and tried multiple beers. I started her off with a light hefeweizen (women like the wheat beer), she tried it and sadly was not too impressed. However, with Liz’s help, Wife tried the Maui Brewing Company’s Mana Wheat and actually liked it. I think the infused pineapple helped.

She later had a cider (once we found it) and did not fall in love. She said that the beer made the cider too sweet for her. The same thing happened years before with wine.

For me, my personal favorite came from Knee Deep Brewing. Their Tanilla Porter tasted great. It had the thickness of a stout (which I am not that big a fan of) with a slight coffee flavor and a nice sweet vanilla aftertaste. Someone commented that it tasted like a milkshake.

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