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Lazy Sunday

Sunday I popped out of bed to check the conditions up on Jungfraujoch, and nearly fell over. I knew we had hiked quite a ways the day before, but my tight calves told me just how far as they knotted up and I sucked in my breath at their protest as I got up. Yeouch!

A quick check of the webcams both of Jungfraujoch and the Schilthorn peaks confirmed the visibility up there was “cloudy with chance of seeing your hand in front of you if you were lucky” so that was that. We’ll have to save our journey to the top of Europe for another time. Check out this link if you want to see if the weather has gotten better since we left and perhaps you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views:

Anxious to spend some quality time with V and Mark, Husband and I packed up and headed down to breakfast. An interesting thing about eggs in Switzerland-don’t be alarmed if they are red, green, or purple. They dye eggs so they can tell which ones are hard-boiled, even in the grocery stores. Pretty clever actually, but a bit alarming if you didn’t know that. After a simple, but hearty breakfast, of croissants, hard-boiled eggs, oranges, bread and jam, and hot tea, we were checked out and strolling down Lauterbrunnen’s main drag as the church bells chiming on Sunday morning sent us off.

Back at the train station, we realized we are now expert train trekkers. We scoff at a connection that gives us six minutes to get from one train and platform to another-no problem; welcome to the land of Swatch. These trains are on time and as efficient and organized as they could be. There are clear screens and giant boards with all the information you need to know up the minute, the platforms have the same clear signage, heck even the trains have little screens on the cars telling you where they are going. And if that isn’t enough for you, just turn to the person next to you who surely speaks English and off you go. Embracing the drizzly day, Husband and I grabbed a couple of hot chocolates and settled in for the ride back to Lausanne.

The rest of the afternoon felt just like home. Off to the grocery store we went (we love the Co-op!) with Mark and V, and then just relaxed with an evening of Formula 1 racing, Wii Sports, pizza, and a bit of webcaming with Michelle. Good times with good friends was a great end to our first weekend abroad.

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