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Yodeling in the Alps

While the good weather decided to stay in greener pastures, both Wife and I did finally sleep in until a decent hour, until the cows came parading down the main street. After a frantic scramble for the camera, we got up and got dressed. Wife checked the interwebs (free wi-fi!) for the conditions at Jungfrau peak. The cloud cover meant all you could see was the railing and nothing more.

Wife also checked her e-mail to learn that V was still too sick to travel and had decided to stay home. We then walked downstairs and enjoyed a much appreciated breakfast while starring out the window at Stabbauch Falls. After a quick stop back up in the room to collect our day pack, we ventured out into the drizzle to hike the alps.

In town we boarded a cable car that would take us up the mountain to a small town called Murren. A half-an-hour later we arrived in Murren and walked through the town enjoying the sounds of a group practicing their alphorns. When we found the next station, a funicular (whatever that is) which would take us to an even higher starting point for our hike, we unfortunately learned it was closed for maintenance.

So instead of heading up the mountain, Wife and I decided to head down to a small town called Gimmelwald (a Rick Steves favorite). However, we first had to stop at the Co-op and ask for water without gas, which they only had two bottles of compared to the 100 or so with bubbles.

Down the windy and wet road we encountered few tourists but many cows and other livestock that Wife dutifully photographed. The green hills and views of the opposite mountains through the clouds were breathtaking. Once in Gimmelwald, we took a very crowded tram down a steep (and I mean steep) descent to the valley floor.

Next up on the just made up agenda was a visit to Trummelbach Falls. An elevator took us close to the top, with stairs to take us the rest of the way. We enjoyed the dramatic falls within the mountain and the natural air conditioning they provided, however, we would later curse the stairs.

Afterward we walked back to our hotel room, showered and took the train down to the crowded Interlaken. An hour later, we found our Rick Steve’s recommended restaurant, but found all the tables reserved. We had a bit of a breakdown since we were both so hungry, but experiencing a bit of sticker shock ($20 for an individual pizza?!) and couldn’t seem to settle on a restaurant. So we decided to head back up the mountain and sit down at Pub Horner as we had originally planned. There, we enjoyed a sausage like hamburger and Wife’s favorite new cider “Swizly.”

Full and tired we then headed off to bed to enjoy another full night of sleep.

Savvy Traveler Moment of the Day: Checking the Jungfrau website for visibility conditions before spending close to 200 francs to make our way to the top of the mountain. I love you interwebs!

Lesson Learned of the Day: When deciding on dinner, pick a restaurant before you head out and stick to it unless it looks like a health hazard. Do not spend hours trying to find another one when you and your travel mates feel tired and hungry. Eat something, already!

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