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Ran Like a Girl

This past Friday, Wife and I flew up to San Francisco to run in the Nike Women’s Half-Marathon. We arrived late Friday night and my sister Trista picked us up from the airport and drove us in her new (well new to her) fancy Corolla back to her place where we spent the night. The next morning she played Martha Stewart and prepared an excellent breakfast for us in a kitchen the size of a small walk-in closet. You can see some of the breakfast below:

After we picked up our running bibs we drove out to the East Bay for lunch and a tour of my brother’s new house. The cats decided to hide from the tour, but they probably felt more relaxed when we left to meet up with the other San Francisco visitors/runners. We waited for a little over an hour to eat at Nob Hill Cafe because we wanted to eat carbohydrates for the next morning. It was worth the wait, and our crew would definitely recommend it.  After dinner we actually made it to bed at a decent hour.

The early bedtime was met with an early rise at 5 in the morning and luckily our hotel was only 4 blocks form the starting line so we took our time preparing. A little after 7 (okay about 10 minutes after 7 am) we started to run. A few frustrating walkers and a little over 2 hours later we crossed the finish line. I must say that this is in the top two of my favorite runs (tied with the Carlsbad Half-Marathon). The only thing holding it back would be the sheer amount of people running which made it frustrating to move in the first 5 to 6 miles (as I said before a lot of walkers!!). However, the cheering of my Mater and the 11 to 12 mile run with my college friend Andy made the race a lot more fun. Our official times were:

Husband – 02:16:07
Wife – 02:16:09

A post race lunch celebration was followed by a nap and then another post race celebration dinner and drinks  at the Noc Noc. Afterward, Wife, Andy, and I visited Joe’s new apartment and then we all headed home.

The next morning we relaxed in our hotel room and then took BART down to the airport. Even though I had a 2:30 in the morning run to Walgreens for cough drops to battle the sickness I caught, I must say it was a fun and relaxing trip. Will we run next year? Who knows!

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