The Road to Italy


A dream of mine has been to live in a European country. The biggest problems, which Wife pointed out each time I brought this up, are finding jobs and having the paperwork which allows us to legally reside in Europe for more then 90 days. Luckily I discovered a way around the paperwork (with some paperwork) through Jure Sanguinis, which is Latin for “right of blood.” My great grandparents (bisnonnos) were born in Italy, which means that through Jure Sanguinis, my family and I have the right to obtain Italian dual citizenship.

Italy did not make this process easy and requires a good amount of document collecting, translating, notarizing, and waiting. The process was overwhelming and I had no clue about all that needed to be done. So, one day my boss brought in an article about a local reporter who just obtained Italian dual citizenship through his wife. In his article he happened to mention the lawyer he hired here in San Diego.

A few months ago, I contacted this lawyer and my father and I met with him. He went over the process, pricing, and the documents needed, and sent us on our way to begin the document collection process. We need marriage certificates and birth certificates from San Diego, San Francisco (good thing two of my siblings live up there and that we noticed my Bisnonno horribly misspelled my Nonno’s name on his birth certificate), and Italy (our cousin already sent those to us).

Once we have all the documents I will hand them over to the lawyer and he will do all the rest (I hope). I will keep you all updated on when this happens.

So, in a year to a year and a half from now, Wife and I might flee/slowly walk away from San Diego to live in Europe (Okay, maybe a little longer because I do have to finish grad school).

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Wow! I had no idea… visiting you in Europe would be even harder than San Diego, but might be the one place that would be better! I already miss you…

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