Thanksgiving Day Run 2010

It is that time of year again where San Diego heats up while the rest of the Northern Hemisphere cools down for Autumn. This also means that Father Joe’s Thanksgiving Day Run is coming up on Thursday, 25 November. Wife and I will once again run the race and this time I plan on having a time of 27 minutes or less.

If you would like to join us (and see if you can run faster than me), you can sign up on the website or by mail (PDF). Make sure you write “Team Sconis” in the team section of the forms.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Thanksgiving Day Run 2009

Thanksgiving Day Run 2009To finish off our year of running (4 half marathons), on November 26th, Wife and I will slow things down and run in Father Joe’s Thanksgiving Day Run/Walk in beautiful Balboa Park. This will be our 6th time running this race (we have only missed one, the first one). This is a fun run, but new this year will be timing chips so you will know your actual run time.

Even though it is early for a day off, we believe it is the perfect way to start Thanksgiving because the run burns a few calories before we begin gorging ourselves on Turkey and stuffing later in the afternoon. And every year more and more people we know agree with this logic and are now running or walking the course with us as members of “Team Sconis.”

If you would like to participate as part of our team, and I hope you do, download the registration form here and when filling the form out write “Team Sconis” on the team line to make sure you are part of our group (we get nothing out of it but it is still cool).

We hope you will join us and have a great Thanksgiving (next month as of this posting).

Thanksgiving Day Race Results [Updated with Women’s Times]

Fr. Joe’s Thanksgiving Day Run results are up. You can check out the males reults and the females results (as of this writing the female results page does not work, I will update it when it does).

Sadly the rain did hurt Team Sconis’ runners. We all ran or walked a little slower than last year. However, Wife and I did not push our way to the front like we should have and with the sheer amount of people everyone ran a little slower just trying to get to the starting line.

Below are the Team Sconis’ results (will add female results when I have them):

Husband – 33:18

Wife – 33:18

Christian – 22:25

Robert – 1:07:46

Marna – 1:07:47

Barry – 1:10:39

Pam – 1:11:39

Shalene – 49:56

Francis – 36:45

Thanksgiving 2008

For the past five years, Wife and I have dragged ourselves out of bed at an ungodly hour each Thanksgiving morning. Then after a few minutes of trying to wake up we head into Balboa Park to meet up with our favorite Catholic priest Fr. Joe Carroll. We do not actually hang out with him, rather we run by him in the Thanksgiving 5k (that’s 3.1 miles for those of you who do not use the metric system) that he has put on for the past 6 years. This year turned out to be the best one yet. Wife and I had a team of about 10 people up from 2 five years ago!

However, the best part of the race was the rain. In sunny San Diego it decided to rain on Thanksgiving. I do not know if the rain makes you run faster or slower (our official time was slower but according to our GPS watch it was faster!) but all I know is that when I ran I felt fine, it was when I stopped that the rain started to stink! Once the I picked my large t-shirt we high tailed it out of the rain to refill our empty calorie containers with a cinnamon bun.

After a sugar induced nap, Wife and I walked the dog over to my parent’s house for some food because now the sun decided to show itself! Thankfully after we arrived Killian laid around the house showing us his best behavior. Wait, scratch that. He ran around like crazy for approximately 7 hours trying to find my mother’s two cats. He finally settled down…when we returned home.

Wife enjoyed her first Thanksgiving at my parent’s house. I think she really only liked it due to my mother preparing 45 different types of potatoes. You can see in this short video below, all Wife really wanted was potatoes: