Wedded Bliss in San Francisco

A college friend decided it was time to get hitched to his girlfriend and this gave us the perfect opportunity to make up for a not-so-great trip to San Francisco we took a few years ago. After packing 12 bags for Alessio and a shopping bag for ourselves, the three of us flew north to “The City” in August 2014.

During our short jaunt to the Bay area, the three of us enjoyed:

  • A quiet flight that Alessio slept through most of
  • Staying in an amazing apartment (seriously, it was bigger than our condo and had an amazing patio)
  • Hanging out with Zia Trista at The Willows and meeting her new “friend” John
  • Trying not to cry (me, not Alessio) as BigA92J (otherwise known as Andy) married Sarah, the love of his life
  • Catching up with some ol’ college chums and enjoying the classic tune of Bro Hymn
  • Taking a walking tour of Fisherman’s Wharf while Mama ate and drank the best of San Francisco with Zia Trista
  • Chatting on the patio with Zio Stephen, Zia Kirsten and Unkie Joe on our luxurious patio until one of the neighbors yelled at us at 10:01 PM
  • Walking around the Palace of Fine Arts during a cool and wet San Francisco morning
  • Finding a parking spot right in front of Zia Trista’s apartment
  • And finally, another quiet flight home

Images of Alessio’s First Trip to San Francisco