Food, Drinks, and Fireworks

You have to love the fact that in the United States of America people are always looking for a new holiday to eat and drink with friends. However, only on the Fourth of July can a person do those two and add in some fireworks.

So to honor those who decided the British had to go, Wife and I invited some friends over to my parents house (because they have a bigger backyard, okay, a huge backyard) for some BBQ and fun. One (for anonymity sake) of our guests was gracious enough to bring us some sparklers and some bigger fire spewing toys. While enjoying the lights and sounds we made sure not to burn down the house and left at the end of the evening successful.

Afterward our own little show (as you can see in the video above), we headed to Balboa Park to watch the professionals light off some fireworks. Then we drove back to the parents house for some dominoes and finally the bike ride back to our place.

I love holiday (a.k.a. three day) weekends.

Why I love the Flip…

As you can tell, I post a lot of videos on this blog. The reason being that I have a Flip Ultra camcorder which makes editing and uploading video footage really easy!  The Wife’s Great Aunt took the following video because she loved the camera. The footage might not be exciting but it shows the power of easiness!!

Great Aunt’s Documentary from Brent Bernasconi on Vimeo.