Speed Boating on San Diego Bay

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8LqbOTwhwE]

While Wife might be going on an all-expense paid trip to Barcelona, I at least get to do things in San Diego I would probably never try. Yesterday, as a job perk, San Diego Speed Boat Adventures invited me and a few co-workers (well, they invited the co-workers who then invited me) to spend the afternoon jet across San Diego Bay in a speed boat. How can you say no to that? You can read my official account here.

Below are just a few pictures taken by a co-worker:


Sockers beat the Fusion on Soccer Date Night

Wife and I have discovered our new cheap date night (with cheap being relative to about $40 a go) by watching the San Diego Sockers play indoor soccer. On Monday we held our second Soccer Date Night at the Del Mar Arena with the Sockers versus the San Diego Fusion (the Sockers’ B team).

During the first half of the game, the Sockers dominated with 8 unanswered goals against the Fusion. With such a one-sided game, we felt bad and wanted to see the Fusion score at least one goal. Those would come later.

At half time I decided to surprise Wife with a Christmas gift so, I headed to the concessions to pick up two hot chocolates and stopped by the Sockers’ gear booth to purchase our first soccer scarf. Unfortunately, with the way the arena is set up, she saw me at the booth and knew what I had purchased before I made it back to the stands. Luckily, she was still excited and loved to fashion the scarf off for a few pictures.

Also during halftime and since it was 80s night, legends from the 1980’s Sockers came out to play a quick exhibition game (with no one keeping score). Even though some looked well passed their prime soccer years (one had a leg brace), they still moved around the field and easily would have put me to shame. Check them out as they play below:

During the second half, the Fusion came back out strong and scored multiple goals against the Sockers (I wonder if the Sockers let the Fusion score just to make the game a little more exciting). Here is Wife talking about the second half action (and her multiple layers of clothing).

In the end the Sockers held on to their lead and won 10-6 (you can read a full recap here). Afterward, and before the cold really set in, we turned the car heater on and drove back home to enjoy home cooked Italian food paired with a bottle of wine. I really do like being on vacation!

Jingle “Bells” at the Zoo

Jungle BellsIf you are free this Friday evening (11 December 2009), head on over to the San Diego Zoo for the event Jungle Bells. Around 7 pm near the main zoo entrance, my sister Marna and our good friend Juli will be playing holiday music with the Santa Sophia Bell Choir. Let us hope for the rain to be finished by that point and if not, that you brought an umbrella.

You can find more information on Jingle Bells by clicking here.

Hope to see you there.

SpaceUp – The Unconference

The San Diego Space Society, of which I am currently serving on the board, will be hosting San Diego’s first ever unconference on space in early 2010. The whole point of an unconference is based on barcamps where the agenda is made the day of and everyone is expected to contribute and talk. So instead of someone talking to you for hours on end you are engaged in a conversation about space with other space enthusiasts and experts.

If you are interested in helping get the project off the ground (which I hope you are), you can contribute a few dollars and receive cool SpaceUp items like a patch or a t-shirt (or both). You can click on the widget to the left to help SDSS out or click here.

If you just want more information on SpaceUp, click here. If you are web-social you can receive SpaceUp updates by following @spaceupconf on Twitter and becoming a fan on Facebook.