Alessio’s First Swim Class

It had to happen at some point…Alessio would learn how to swim. Wife and I are already preparing for the 2032 Olympics where he will take home at least 25 gold medals! Can’t wait for that first endorsement contract and the house he buys us with the signing bonus.

Images from Alessio’s Last Day of Swim

Sunglasses - Alessio's First Swim Lessons
Everyone loves his “alien” sunglasses. Thanks to Nanna for finding them
Prepping for the Pool - Alessio's First Swim Lessons
Mama Getting Alessio Ready to jump in the pool. Since he can’t ask, she counts down.
Excitement before the Plunge - Alessio's First Swim Lessons
Mama loves taking Alessio to swim lessons. Like Mother like Son.
Getting in the Water - Alessio's First Swim Lessons
Alessio trying to tell Mama that the water will be getting warmer soon…I kid, I kid!
Having Fun - Alessio's First Swim Lessons
Alessio having fun watching Mama trying to make bubbles.
The Pink Frog - Alessio's First Swim Lessons
Alessio going after the pink frog he picked for free time.

Doing the Holiday Robot

Merry Christmas Robot Dance


Change – A Short Film


Our Annual Christmas Decorating Party for Two

For at least the past 5 years, Wife and I have spent the Friday evening after Thanksgiving enjoying a few holiday inspired drinks while we decked the halls (really just our living room). Below are a few pictures from the party for two (four if you include Killian and our house guest puppy Kona).


Utah 2012 – Hiking Down Peruvian Gulch

After a day in the city full of religion, sno-cones, food, beer tastings and more beer tastings, those extra calories meant we (ok, mostly me) needed a little bit of exercise and hiking seemed like just the thing. If only we had a good place to spend a day out in nature…