Assault on the Bougainvillea

On Saturday, Wife and I once again began our assault on the backyard and its fearless leader, the dreaded Bougainvillea. The electric saw, my new weapon of choice, quickly destroyed the branches of the bougainvillea but unfortunately its roots run real deep and we will need to call in a professional mercenary to remove it.

One thing we did mostly rid the back yard of was the sprinkler system that did a better job of watering the fence than the ground. We think we will just stick with a hose.

After a shower and short nap, I took Wife to an Armstrong Garden Center and she perused the dwarf trees and ground covers to glean some ideas for our backyard. So once the bougainvillea is removed, we might be able to move forward and plant some new and not thorny plants.

Food, Drinks, and Fireworks

You have to love the fact that in the United States of America people are always looking for a new holiday to eat and drink with friends. However, only on the Fourth of July can a person do those two and add in some fireworks.

So to honor those who decided the British had to go, Wife and I invited some friends over to my parents house (because they have a bigger backyard, okay, a huge backyard) for some BBQ and fun. One (for anonymity sake) of our guests was gracious enough to bring us some sparklers and some bigger fire spewing toys. While enjoying the lights and sounds we made sure not to burn down the house and left at the end of the evening successful.

Afterward our own little show (as you can see in the video above), we headed to Balboa Park to watch the professionals light off some fireworks. Then we drove back to the parents house for some dominoes and finally the bike ride back to our place.

I love holiday (a.k.a. three day) weekends.

Silent Star Trek Will It Fly Movie

So, part of my job now is to represent the San Diego Air & Space Museum using Web 2.0 technologies like Twitter, our blog, and Youtube. That also means I get to put together some fun things to use as viral marketing. So this past Monday, the Education Department (which I am part of) decided to finish filming the missing scenes for Will It Fly: The Enterprise (You can see the original here). We made the first video just to have some fun and bring attention to our exhibition on Star Trek. Besides, everyone likes it when things break.

On Wednesday, while working at home doing other working on another video project, I edited the new Will It Fly video together. Since we (and by we I mean my boss) are little worried about copyright issues I decided to make it a silent film, which in my opinion makes it a much better film. So after watching it, please tell me what you think in the comments below. Enjoy!