The Great Pumpkin Parachute Drop

Ever since the Da Vinci Experience moved into the Museum, I have wanted to do another “Will it Fly” (watch the first video and the much better directors cut) with a da Vinci styled parachute. So in conjunction with the da Vinci exhibition and the Museum’s Snoopy exhibit, my coworker Rossco and I decided to drop a Great Pumpkin from the roof of the building with a home built parachute.

Did the Great Pumpkin survive his Halloween plunge? You will have to watch the video to find out:

You can read the Museum’s official recap here.

March Movie Night – The Moving Picture

Since our fourth Movie Night fell in March, tit called for an Irish flick. Of course I wanted it to be fun so I chose cheesy Irish movies for the voting. While Finian’s Rainbow gave it a run for its money, the movie with the most votes was Darby O’Gill and the Little People (even Wife was happy with the outcome). While the movie was enjoyable for 1950’s Disney fair, the highlight was Sean Connery being third on the billing list for the movie his wonderful singing, and his forced Irish accent!

Sadly, Wife left our camera at her work and while she tried valiantly to recharge my old camera with the charger for her camera, we had no way to take a decent picture. So instead I am bringing you a moving picture of those who came to enjoy Movie Night. See you next month.


Running Diary Week 1

Wife and I are training for the Carlsbad Half Marathon in January. Wife has already run both a marathon and a half marathon so luckily she has already created a training plan. This is week 1 of that half marathon training program.

Monday – 2 miles

Monday went great; we both got out of bed at 6 am and started off the day running two miles. The two miles were easy and we felt like a million bucks.

Tuesday – 2 miles

Tuesday turned out to be a rougher than Monday. We hit the snooze button once and it took us a little longer to head outside. The run hurt a lot more and we barely talked. Waking up early and running only turned out to be fun for the first day.

Thursday – 3 miles

As you know in my previous post, God decided to cry on Thanksgiving and everyone ran in the rain. This was our fifth year doing the race, and this is the first time it has rained so no complaints! According to our GPS watch we ran farther and faster than the official measures. The races clock said 32 minutes while ours displayed 29 minutes.

Saturday – 3 miles

This run was the hardest. We kept pushing it back (went to Target, visited Wife’s grandma, etc.) and Wife finally dragged me outside at 9:30 pm. A little late to be running, especially on a Saturday night. The dog however loved it.

Sunday – 3 miles

Sunday’s run was really nice. We made it out at 7:30 pm, just before we would have called it a night. This one felt nice, even like we could run a little farther if needed. However, Wife forgot to restart the GPS watch at a light so we just eyeballed it. I know we ran faster than yesterday.

Now that week one has ended it will be nice to take a break on Monday. Tuesday however we ramp it up and start raising the mileage!

Video Thursday – Wedding Photo Montage

Maybe this is something I will try and do every week. Who knows?!? Well here is the video I created for our wedding photo montage. I just found it while cleaning out my files on the computer. I think next week I will post a montage of some of my news appearances!

Wedding Photo Montage from Brent Bernasconi on Vimeo.