Wedded Bliss in San Francisco

A college friend decided it was time to get hitched to his girlfriend and this gave us the perfect opportunity to make up for a not-so-great trip to San Francisco we took a few years ago. After packing 12 bags for Alessio and a shopping bag for ourselves, the three of us flew north to “The City” in August 2014.

During our short jaunt to the Bay area, the three of us enjoyed:

  • A quiet flight that Alessio slept through most of
  • Staying in an amazing apartment (seriously, it was bigger than our condo and had an amazing patio)
  • Hanging out with Zia Trista at The Willows and meeting her new “friend” John
  • Trying not to cry (me, not Alessio) as BigA92J (otherwise known as Andy) married Sarah, the love of his life
  • Catching up with some ol’ college chums and enjoying the classic tune of Bro Hymn
  • Taking a walking tour of Fisherman’s Wharf while Mama ate and drank the best of San Francisco with Zia Trista
  • Chatting on the patio with Zio Stephen, Zia Kirsten and Unkie Joe on our luxurious patio until one of the neighbors yelled at us at 10:01 PM
  • Walking around the Palace of Fine Arts during a cool and wet San Francisco morning
  • Finding a parking spot right in front of Zia Trista’s apartment
  • And finally, another quiet flight home

Images of Alessio’s First Trip to San Francisco


Hanging with the Cousins at the Prescott Cabin

In July of 2014, I packed up the car with one suitcase for Mama and me and filled up the rest of the trunk space with everything needed for a small 21 pound human being (which is a lot!). By the grace of the gods, Alessio rocked the 8ish hour journey and was all smiles when we arrived.

After arriving, we handed over our child to one of the cugini (it did not matter who) and enjoyed a relaxing weekend in the mountains of Arizona that included plenty of chatting, eating (thanks to everyone who cooked), coffee, a piñata, and visits to Downtown Prescott. I even managed to sneak in visits to two local breweries (Prescott Brewing Company and Granite Mountain Brewing)!

All three of us are looking forward to the next Prescott Family Reunion…in about three years since that seems to be our modus operandi.

Images from Prescott, AZ


Utah 2012 – Hiking Down Peruvian Gulch

After a day in the city full of religion, sno-cones, food, beer tastings and more beer tastings, those extra calories meant we (ok, mostly me) needed a little bit of exercise and hiking seemed like just the thing. If only we had a good place to spend a day out in nature…


Utah 2012 – Religion and Beer

After growing tired of the country life (and to mostly give our legs a break), Wife and I headed into the urban jungle for a taste of Salt Lake City. After a stop off at the Visit Salt Lake Information Center (mostly to spy on the competition), we enjoyed an afternoon of religious history and the oldest painkiller of them all…beer!


Utah 2012 – The First Few Days

After a quick flight with some peanuts and drinks, Wife and I landed in the great state of Utah. With our Ford Fiesta and some groceries from a Super Target, we headed up the mountains toward our destination, Snowbird, for some hiking and relaxation.

During our first full day, we explored the small village to get a lay of the land, took a short and easy hike and watched a lot of soccer (hey, I am on vacation so I can do whatever I want). We took it easy knowing tomorrow would be a day full of hiking.