Camping on Mount Laguna

A few weekends ago, Wife and I drove up with the puppy to Burnt Rancheria Campgrounds on Mount Laguna to spend the weekend camping with her parents and their two puppies. We roughed it both nights in a trailer equipped with a double bed, kitchen, bathroom (with a shower [which we did use and it was awesome to feel clean]) and heater if need be.

We spent the days hiking along crystal-clear waters and beautiful meadows, napping, cooking, reading, playing Mille Bornes, and general relaxing. We did act adventurous and cooked outside. Rob tested out his Father’s Day gift of a new camping grill with Hawaiian kabobs made by Wife. That evening, the hardest part was getting the popcorn to actually pop (the supposed 7 minute process easily stretched itself out to about 20-30 minutes).

Killian did well and only had the problem of eating an obnoxious amount of grass. He paid for it later!

If you would like to see all the pictures from the weekend, click here.

130 Foot Free Fall

As a perk at my new job, the San Diego County Fair (@SDfair) invited me to a special preview night. Wife and I raced up to Del Mar to enjoy the free deep-fried food (including deep-fried koolaid), drinks, and as we learned upon arrival, bungee jumping. Since the price was right (free), we both waited in line for 1.5 hours to experience 3 seconds of free fall. The jump was totally worth it.

Sadly I had already stored my phone in my shoe when Wife jumped but she was able to catch me fall about 20 minutes later.

New Padres Hats

Last night, Wife and I rode the 15 bus downtown to cheer on the Padres as they battled the Atlanta Braves.

Thanks to an online group coupon, we had great seats along with two free hats, hot dogs and sodas. Now we just need jerseys (which are much cheaper at Target than at the stadium).

Sadly the game was tied at 3-3 by the bottom of the 10th and we had to leave. Luckily the Padres score a 2-run home run in the 13th. I can finally say that I attended a Padres game with a winning outcome (within the last few years). They better win during Catholic Schools Night!

She Found a Beer She Likes

On Saturday, Wife and I rode down to the Lafayette Hotel to enjoy the Citybeat Festival of Beer. With our small cups we enjoyed the beautiful weather (the rain never came) and chatting with our friends.

Wife was a great sport and tried multiple beers. I started her off with a light hefeweizen (women like the wheat beer), she tried it and sadly was not too impressed. However, with Liz’s help, Wife tried the Maui Brewing Company’s Mana Wheat and actually liked it. I think the infused pineapple helped.

She later had a cider (once we found it) and did not fall in love. She said that the beer made the cider too sweet for her. The same thing happened years before with wine.

For me, my personal favorite came from Knee Deep Brewing. Their Tanilla Porter tasted great. It had the thickness of a stout (which I am not that big a fan of) with a slight coffee flavor and a nice sweet vanilla aftertaste. Someone commented that it tasted like a milkshake.

The Big Bland Night Out

Last night, Wife’s sister Diana and brother-in-law Don-Lee (with a rare Friday night off) made the long drive from Murrieta (just north of Temecula) to visit and enjoy the nightlife of Normal Heights (@normalheights). The first stop was…you guessed it, the Blind Lady Ale House (@blindladyale).

Don-Lee and I attempted the Blind Lady’s Annual Big Bland Blind Taste Challenge. For the price of a 48 pack of Natural Ice ($7.20) and the chance to win a $100 gift card to the Blind Lady, the bartender poured us 6 small unmarked glasses of the following award-winning beers: Bud Lite, Coors Lite, Miller Lite, Miller High Life, Pacifico, and 1-Year-Aged PBR. Below in the pictures you can see our correct guesses (well we don’t know yet, but feel really good about them).

After Blind Lady’s last call, we enjoyed great tacos from Corner Market (no, really, they are good, cheap, and the perfect night out food). Then walked down to the Triple Crown and imbibed another round. To finish of the night, Don-Lee and I engaged in the age-old Irish tradition of Car Bombs with some country-rock at the Ould Sod.

I will say it again, living within walking distance of great food and multiple watering holes is awesome. Now we will wait for the Annual Adams Avenue Pub Crawl (@adamsavpubcrawl) this summer.

[Update] Man, we were way off. Here’s the order of the beers in the Big Bland Blind Tasting Challenge flight (you can see ours in the pictures below):

  1. Miller High Life
  2. Bud Light
  3. 1-yr-old PBR
  4. Coors Light
  5. Miller Lite
  6. Pacifico