Alessio’s First Swim Class

It had to happen at some point…Alessio would learn how to swim. Wife and I are already preparing for the 2032 Olympics where he will take home at least 25 gold medals! Can’t wait for that first endorsement contract and the house he buys us with the signing bonus.

Images from Alessio’s Last Day of Swim

Sunglasses - Alessio's First Swim Lessons
Everyone loves his “alien” sunglasses. Thanks to Nanna for finding them
Prepping for the Pool - Alessio's First Swim Lessons
Mama Getting Alessio Ready to jump in the pool. Since he can’t ask, she counts down.
Excitement before the Plunge - Alessio's First Swim Lessons
Mama loves taking Alessio to swim lessons. Like Mother like Son.
Getting in the Water - Alessio's First Swim Lessons
Alessio trying to tell Mama that the water will be getting warmer soon…I kid, I kid!
Having Fun - Alessio's First Swim Lessons
Alessio having fun watching Mama trying to make bubbles.
The Pink Frog - Alessio's First Swim Lessons
Alessio going after the pink frog he picked for free time.
family travel

Prescott Family Reunion 2011

Back in July, Wife and I flew out to freezing Arizona for another installment of the Bernasconi Family Reunion.

We enjoyed riding the quads, Montezuma Castle National Monument, driving a 50 mph or less Jeep, adult conversation in the midst of chasing small children, avoiding the lava carpet, piƱatas and the Prescott Costco.

Once back in Phoenix, we enjoyed touring Ramon and Angela’s new mansion and a calm evening at the Bernasconi’s (Mario, Pam, and Vincenzo) with a little bit of rain:

Now we wait for the next reunion in 2015.


Announcing Mr. and Mrs. Burdine

Mr. and Mrs Burdine

The Bernasconi clan has just lost one of its own. Wife and I would like to congratulate Marna and Robert Burdine on their nuptials.

Miss B will now be known as Mrs. B. I know it will be hard for Mrs. B’s 4th graders to make the name change but I think they will be able to manage it by month six.

Watch some of the event below:

I know they will be winners in the game of life…


40 Years Later…

This past Sunday, my parents celebrated 40 years of blissful marriage (well, after five children I am thinking that those years were not all blissful but stressful, busy, always late, expensive, scary, etc…) Okay, lets start this over again.

This past Sunday, my parents celebrated 40 years of a loving, exciting, and faithful marriage (even with 5 children). So to celebrate, the five of us decided to throw my parents a surprise party. Our family friend Debbie was kind enough to lend us her house for the occasion. After a dinner to distract my parents, we rushed over to Debbie’s and yelled “Surprise, Happy Anniversary!” After the initial shock, my parents along with everyone enjoyed some food (potato bar was a hit), wine, and telling embarrassing stories about my parents.

So here is to 40 more years of a more relaxing and tuition free marriage. Congratulations Mom and Dad!


A New Bernasconi

Ariana Brietta Bernasconi
Ariana Brietta Bernasconi

Wife and I would like to welcome the newest Arizona Bernasconi, Ariana Brietta Bernasconi, daughter of my cousin Ramon and his girlfriend Angela, who was born on 12 November.