Why I love the Flip…

As you can tell, I post a lot of videos on this blog. The reason being that I have a Flip Ultra camcorder which makes editing and uploading video footage really easy!  The Wife’s Great Aunt took the following video because she loved the camera. The footage might not be exciting but it shows the power of easiness!!

Great Aunt’s Documentary from Brent Bernasconi on Vimeo.

The Bernasconi’s are going to Canada!!

Everyone around seems to be going on some fun international trips either to Italy, which we hear is pretty expensive, or to the Cayman Islands, which we hear is also pretty expensive. Well we decided that in late May early June we wanted to go on our own international trip just a few thousand miles north to our great neighbor to the north, Canada! It will be like going to Europe where everyone speaks English, drives on the right side of the road, and lives within a few hundred miles of the United States. Ok, so it is not Europe, stop trying to crush our dreams!!!

The wife’s parents gave us a week in their timeshare and we plan on spending that week in Whistler, a small resort town with a population of 100 people during the summer and 17.8 million in the winter. From what we hear, Whistler has great summer activities. We are staying at a resort called Intrawest Whistler. It looks real nice. (as you can see from below)

After a week, or maybe before, we also plan on visiting the great sites of Vancouver. So if you have any great suggesions and if you know if there is a Costco in Vancouver we would love it. You can email us or just leave them in the comments section.