Biking on Coronado

A great way to spend a three day weekend in San Diego has got to be outdoors. (That is because you have the excuse to stay indoors all day and play video games because you have two days left!) The ride was very enjoyable and the weather was perfect. Warm enough to break a little sweat but the cool breeze just dried us off. I also enjoyed the fact that when the ride ended I did not end up at work like most bike riding days.

Next time we want to bike all the way down the Silver Strand to get all of Coronado in! Enjoy the video:

Biking on Coronado from Brent Bernasconi on Vimeo.


While the nerds, at least that is what Vince calls them, did not leave in droves from Downtown to visit the museum, SPOCKtacular did turn out to be quite a bit of fun. I showed off the museum to some friends and just enjoyed some good ol’ simulated fun, by that I mean we went on the simulators for free I might add!!

Sadly only two people dressed up in Star Trek costumes and I have the evidence to prove it. Take a look below. A video will hopefully come in the next few days!

Steph’s Masters Presentation

Stephanie may have finished her Masters schooling weeks ago but I have finally edited her final presentation for her Masters. Instead of a thesis she presented Action Research Project at a symposium hosted by the University of San Diego. Her presentation lasts about 20 minutes so sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Steph’s Masters Presentation from Brent Bernasconi on Vimeo.