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Camping on Mount Laguna

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A few weekends ago, Wife and I drove up with the puppy to Burnt Rancheria Campgrounds on Mount Laguna to spend the weekend camping with her parents and their two puppies. We roughed it both nights in a trailer equipped with a double bed, kitchen, bathroom (with a shower [which we did use and it was awesome to feel clean]) and heater if need be.

We spent the days hiking along crystal-clear waters and beautiful meadows, napping, cooking, reading, playing Mille Bornes, and general relaxing. We did act adventurous and cooked outside. Rob tested out his Father’s Day gift of a new camping grill with Hawaiian kabobs made by Wife. That evening, the hardest part was getting the popcorn to actually pop (the supposed 7 minute process easily stretched itself out to about 20-30 minutes).

Killian did well and only had the problem of eating an obnoxious amount of grass. He paid for it later!

If you would like to see all the pictures from the weekend, click here.

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