40 Years Later…

This past Sunday, my parents celebrated 40 years of blissful marriage (well, after five children I am thinking that those years were not all blissful but stressful, busy, always late, expensive, scary, etc…) Okay, lets start this over again.

This past Sunday, my parents celebrated 40 years of a loving, exciting, and faithful marriage (even with 5 children). So to celebrate, the five of us decided to throw my parents a surprise party. Our family friend Debbie was kind enough to lend us her house for the occasion. After a dinner to distract my parents, we rushed over to Debbie’s and yelled “Surprise, Happy Anniversary!” After the initial shock, my parents along with everyone enjoyed some food (potato bar was a hit), wine, and telling embarrassing stories about my parents.

So here is to 40 more years of a more relaxing and tuition free marriage. Congratulations Mom and Dad!

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