Party Hopping on the 4th

For the 4th of July, Wife and I began at the Lezack’s new place. After fixing their PS3-HDMI-Television problem (I know, I am a nerd), we played a new game called washers. Michelle (@mlezack) and I beat Jen (@beachJen81) and Dan with a score of 21 to something. After then watching a few more rounds, Wife and I headed north to visit Tom and his new apartment on the what I am calling Tom’s Harbor (it is more of a cove, but I like harbor better).

After finding a great parking space (close to Tom’s), we enjoyed the view from the balcony, a delicious crock pot dinner, hanging on the dock, and then some fireworks. While we did not see much of the official fireworks, the neighbors definitely made sure we saw some sparkles.

I have to give it to both our host, they have great party locations. The Lezacks have a wonderful backyard with a pool (unfortunately too cold this 4th) and jacuzzi, while Tom has a very vibrant spot on the water with a dock and some friendly neighbors. Looking forward to the Labor Day Party!

One thought on “Party Hopping on the 4th”

  1. We were happy you guys could make it over for a bit (& eternally grateful you helped fixed our PS3 problems!) =) When the sun decides to show itself again you have an open invitation to come over and swim!

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