Decorating the Wedding Tree

Should I call it Saturday or Social Saturday? The thing that always bugs me is that we can go weeks on end without real weekend plans then everyone decides to do something on the same day.

On Saturday afternoon, we attended a wedding out in Santee. Wife’s father’s ex-partner’s (from the Highway Patrol) daughter expressed her wedding vows to her now husband. The fun senile Irish-catholic priest made things flow smoothly when he accidentally said Sean instead of the groom’s more common and birth name Glenn. The only downside was the catholic gap. The time between the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. The catholic gap lasted for two hours and Wife and I sat at a table and chit-chatted with some new people. This grows tiring after a while, but eventually the bride and groom arrived just in time. We ate our dinner from Paesano’s catering (they used to own the restaurant in North Park, but they sold it to focus on catering) and enjoyed our glasses of champagne. The time came for us to leave with cannolis in hand (do not worry we left the gun).

After the wedding we told my parents we would stop by to attend my mother’s annual tree trimming party. We however felt a little socialed out at that point and almost left a few minutes after we arrived. Luckily enough, Santa decided to stop by and treat the kids and soon we were having fun catching up with family and friends. You can see some highlights from the party below, enjoy:

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