Launching of Movie Night

Can you believe it, two posts in one day. Well what I want to do is to launch our interactive movie night. You can see I also added a page at the top of the page or on the side bar called “Movie Night.”

We are thinking of holding at least one movie night a month on a Saturday. If everything works out it will be the second Saturday of the month. In order to make the night interactive we will pick a theme for the month and then have people vote on which movie they would like to see.

For the first movie night will be on December 13th, 2008. I know it is a far time away but with some people you just have to plan. Movie night will be just in time for the holidays. So I have chosen four classic Christmas movies for you to pick. So mark the day on your calendar and vote below:

6 thoughts on “Launching of Movie Night”

  1. It may sound strange but to save money but still stay social, I may end up getting a Coaster pass this month — if I come down for movie night, will you pick me up?

  2. it appears that we may have a scheduling conflict with your movie night….Juli’s work Christmas party. possible reschedule or maybe we’ll just have to miss the miracle of Christmas movie magic for this showing

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